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I can imagine it being too overwhelming once the trip stretches beyond the 4-weeks mark. I hope you get to visit Berlin soon!

American Guide Series

I prefer the summer there because all of my favorite things to do there are outdoors, but I have to admit that the Christmas markets are pretty special, too!!! I also keep all my old guidebooks on my bookshelves with all my other travel souvenirs and treasure them with lots of love. I recently left a bag with two new fridge magnets and my DK Chile guidebook in a cab in Santiago and was beyond bummed and pretty grouchy about the incident.

So sorry to hear that you left your Santiago guidebook and fridge magnets in a cab, I would be totally bummed out about that, too, Hilary :O. I love seeing how popular Iceland is, lots of people seem to want to go there and I want to go back!! I have too many apps and pics on my phone… aah! I stiller love to uke paperguides, but also some websites or apps like stay. I almost always take a guide with me when I travel! The guide I would use first would be Berlin, because I already booked a trip to Berlin for september. Thanks for entering the giveaway, Tiffany!

This Guidebook Might Be The Ultimate Gift For Chicago Foodies

I completely agree! I much prefer having a guidebook with everything in one place. It helps me feel less conspicuous than I would pulling out a book but I feel like I have the knowledge right there if something comes up. Curious question—why did you dismiss the Lonely Planet book? Are they just not your thing or do you have a specific reason you prefer others?

Love the blog! The Colombia LP served me well, for example, but like I said — many things were just very out of date. Strange as this may sound, I would most likely use the Washington DC guide although I live 20 minutes from DC abd lived here for 10 years. I love to leave home and travel the world but, I never take the time to explore my own backyard.

DC has a lot to offer and soooo much to see. Thanks, Brian! Guidebooks all the way! I may supplement it with apps such as Triposo which often give much more detail on a place and works offline, but a paper guidebook is always the first thing I buy after booking flights for all the reasons in the article — not dependant on wifi or electricity, everything in one place.

I never leave home without a Lonely Planet or sometimes more than one. And i always bring it back home , they are sort of my travel memories. I wish they would do the Colombia travel book. I had a layover there once on my way to East Africa and would love to go back for at least a week to really explore. May be its looking old for techsavy guys but real travelling experience feels when you are travelling with guidebooks and not with gadgets….

I still buy guidebooks, much prefer them to using my kindle etc. Totally with you on the guide books and can never understand why people do not spend a few dollars extra on top of their airfares to enhance their trip.

Not For Tourists Guide to Chicago by Not For Tourists, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

I have always been the one with the guidebooks and therefore get to do what I want hehe. Why not?

I have pdf versions which I read at home and of course, I have many blog friends for extra advice, but I still like to have a book too. I love reading and I still enjoy the feel and look of a travel guide and I have loads on my bookshelf! I just wish some were updated more frequently.

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I would choose the London guidebook since I will be spending a week there is July. I love Berlin and Barcelona though too and am sure I will be visiting again soon. Ah yes, believe it or not I just recently feel in love with guidebooks …. I should never have bought my first one haha!!!

Iceland and Barcelona at the top of my list! I hope guidebooks never go out of style because my dream job would be to create guidebooks!! Im travelling Next year For six months and still Need to figure out the guidebook dilema, i make notes and record stories in them and could never imagine throwing them away to lighten my load.

Maybe mail them to a friend to keep for me? And reconmendations on this?? I would love to create guidebooks, too, Shanan! My Colombian friend has it as his number one place to visit when he moves to the UK later this year and I am ashamed to say I have never been to Germany so it seems a great place to start. As for guidebooks, I love having them on my book shelf as they provide memories and it is great flicking through after a holiday to remind yourself of all the amazing things you did.

Yessssssssss, Berlin! So happy to hear that! No guide book here. The wife always spends time before our trips to find something out of the normal touristic path.

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One of our best experiences was finding a hard to get to remote area in Zakynthos, Greece. Sign me up for the newsletter. Home Accommodation Hotel Tip Housesitting. Photo Essay Polaroid of the Week. What to pack for your trip GlobetrotterGirls Packing List. Travel Tips by Dani on March 22, 63 comments. Why I still travel with a guidebook After picking up the guidebook, planning my travels became so much easier.

At this educational center, you can learn about the Norwegian space program and take part in a simulated research mission to the moon. How could I not include this in Moon Norway!?

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You could argue that more needs to be done to promote these remote attractions. Great coffee in Andenes Andenes was a charming town and even in April was thriving with life. This is something you only tend to find in the bigger cities in Norway, so finding it on these remote islands was a real treat. During the summer, flights from Oslo also land at Andenes airport. Cars, bicycles, and foot passengers are welcome. David Nikel is a freelance writer based in Norway.

Chicago City Guide: Let's Travel to The West Side

He runs the popular www. This article originally appeared in the June 3, , issue of The Norwegian American. October 22, September 1, A devilish musical temptation. The Whisperer by Karin Fossum. New York Scandia Symphony endures. Ten Minutes to Kill. A sustainable slice of history. Municipal elections in Norway. Team Norway optimistic about athletics. Collaborate to advance. Get news and highlights from America's only Norwegian newspaper delivered right to your inbox each Friday. First Name. Last Name. Yes, I would like to receive emails from The Norwegian American.

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