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Yes she killed that young girl who was buried today. Jerry Clower's Ghost September 8, am. This is a bullshit statement. This woman is suspected by law enforcement, based on evidence at the scene, of drunk driving.

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Best you keep your mouth shut about this Kyle, and best you stop defending your article lionizing this artist. People who are repentant dont issue press releases about their sins. Entertainers who do that are trying to burnish their outlaw image. Stephen Reed September 9, pm. He is waiting until the details are official, which is what good journalism requires.

Jerry Clower's Ghost September 9, pm. Read Fox CNN bunch of newspapers now. She was speeding and filming live on Instagram. Had prior DUI and speeding tickets. Can you imagine how horrible that was? Kylie made bad decisions and it killed Maria. Joe67 September 10, pm. What about the speeding and filming live on Instagram while driving. Both probably caused the accident. Police confirmed both. Her mother said she had drinking issues. Speedlimit9 September 6, am. City September 6, am.

Thank you for sharing. I compared the amount raised by this GoFundMe compared to the other one. Hopefully they will balance out. Taos resident September 6, pm. Harris was not the victim, she caused the accident drinking and driving, texting and posting. Strait Country 81 September 6, pm.

Wes September 6, am. I will say this has made me appreciate the women in this scene more. There are not alot of women in the Texas scene so losing someone like that is extra tough. They need the support these male artists do. Bray Posy September 6, am.

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Does anyone really know if Kylie was drinking? Hell, I was drinking and driving when I was Maybe it was one of the other drivers? She said she had been driving for 12 hours and she was crying. That will get you in a wreck right there. The police are saying that Kylie Rae was speeding, clipped another car in front of her, ended up in the wrong lane, and hit the car with the year-old head on. This usually takes five weeks or more because of the nature of tox screenings. But again, since the year-old is deceased, a full autopsy and tox screen will likely be done.

Duende September 6, pm. Certainly the young should be protected with prayer when they travel…. Strait Country 81 September 6, am. Still feel bad for her kid and felt bad for Kylie but not nearly as bad as I originally did knowing she is likely to blame. Taos Travesty September 6, am. Can you imagine being a father who responds to his own daughters fatal crash. So tragic and unnecessary all around.

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Sam Sanchez September 6, pm. Trigger September 6, pm. Dan Whalen September 6, am. Sad fate. Northern NM is arguably my favourite region in the U.


Killing Time

Have been there many times and always yearn to return. It is a very special place. RIP Kylie. Heyday September 6, am. Poignant column. I doubt conditions have improved. People will say anything these days. Kross September 6, pm. A simple device to block signal until a driver pulls over and turns of the engine is a fix that could save thousands upon thousands of people -often INNOCENT victims- from a senseless death and still allow access to the phone.

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  5. And yet we allow behaviour that is far more irresponsible and life-threatening to continue when there IS a solution. Mike W. September 6, pm.

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    It would hurt business, the economy, and would prevent passengers from using their phone while someone else drives. The harsh reality is this singer did an incredibly stupid, selfish, and criminal act that claimed the life of an innocent. Sadly the media not this site has ignored that point in much of the initial coverage. Jerry Clower's Ghost September 6, pm. September 7, pm. Right or wrong, lots of Americans would flip out at that idea. And the cell phone thing is just not feasible. Long-haul truckers are not going to pull over and shut their rig down to call about a load.

    It would have a massive impact on their efficiency and would speed up the push for autonomous vehicles by the private sector.

    Killing Time (TV Series – ) - IMDb

    I would like to see significantly stiffer penalties for distracted driving, including automatic prison time. Lindsay Clifford September 9, am. Golly Mike, your opening line segues perfectly, and speaks to currently accessible Statistics by the Global Peace Index ranking Countries from safest to least safest with Iceland being 1 and Afghanistan being Greg Green September 12, am. Silly person. Iceland is 1 on the global peace index because they never defend anyone. Teresa Sorrell September 10, pm. I just wondered about making calls. If someone is following you or your scared or someone in your vehicle has a life threatening situation you dont want to pull over and turn your call off.

    There has to be technology that would allow calls. DJ September 6, pm. Jimmy F September 7, am. All phones have an accelerometer and can tell how fast the phone is moving. So it is entirely feasible, currently available and actually ships with this feature activated. The problem is, people turn it off because they choose to text and drive.

    Which is great if you are driving, but will be automatically be turned off if you are a passenger. It would require a dramatic re-wiring of society and the economy and we all know how great people are at adjusting to change…. I think we all agree society needs to be rewired to properly address this addictive behaviour.

    Kylie had a history of drunk driving and speeding with multiple convictions as recently as The world is a crazy place. This article is incredibly premature and dare I say sickening considering the facts and official reports surrounding this case. This article neglects to mention that Harris is the one suspected of being intoxicated, that she had a previous DWI conviction, and she was court-ordered to have a breathalyzer lock on her ignition.

    If she had survived the crash she would be charged with murder or manslaughter at the least. This is not poetic one bit. Bigfoot is Real September 6, pm. I can only imagine the anger that people in Taos, and especially people who knew Maria Elena Cruz feel over this situation, and especially how so much love poured out to Kylie Ray initially with little regard for the innocent victim involved. They have every right to be angry. I did my best to offer context, and to help reset country fans to look at the the bigger picture and also remember Maria Elena Cruz.

    But I completely understand how it may not be enough for some people. Nothing will ever be enough. She is gone, and senselessly. Maybe police found a bottle in the car. I did not read where this was specifically addressed either. Only that alcohol was involved but not referencing who. Maybe I missed it as well. Not that hard to find. Court records indicate that Harris had a history of drinking and driving.

    In June , she was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after records indicated she had a blood alcohol content level of over 0. Harris was convicted in October and was ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed in her car. Best wishes for a happier future for her daughter. Mourning the loss of a talented up and coming performer. Alcohol has been cited as a factor in the accident, though officials are waiting on a toxicology report to make a final determination.

    We will likely not know for six weeks whether Kyle Rae Harris was drunk during the accident. If I were to guess, I would say that she probably was. But we do not know that at this point. We definitely know the accident was her fault, and I stated this in even greater detail in a subsequent comment. To say that I avoided discussing the year-old victim and that alcohol was considered a factor is incorrect.

    This was not a news story. Collin County court records show that Harris was convicted of driving while intoxicated in Allen in , with her blood alcohol content above 0. She was sentenced to five days in jail, had her driver's license suspended for days and was required to have an ignition interlock device installed on her vehicle. Super excited to head to Taos for bigbarndance this week. Magical times with wonderful people await! Harris, who had performed in the Dallas area for more than a decade, released a self-titled EP in March and was set to play at a Taos music festival Thursday. She had shows scheduled in Arlington, Granbury and Fort Worth later this month.

    Harris' publicist said in a statement she was heartbroken to confirm the singer's death. Josh Abbott wrote that it had been a difficult morning after learning about the accident. In a tearful Instagram story posted just hours before the crash, Harris reflected on childhood memories in Taos with relatives who have since died. I started getting really sad," she said. Tom Steele , Breaking News Producer. Tom has covered breaking news for The Dallas Morning News since The Taos County Sheriff's Office raided the compound in August , where they found 11 children living in filthy, makeshift rooms without food, water, or power.

    A 3-year-old boy was later found dead on the property, and adults who had been living there were accused of child abuse. That case failed to move forward, but the two men and three women were later arrested in connection with possessing guns and ammunition while living in the US illegally. On Thursday, federal prosecutors revealed the scope of their alleged plans to commit attacks inside the US. According to the indictment, the defendants gathered weapons and supplies at the compound, where they also built a firing range to train for an attack.