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This was a quick little short story that I read during a single subway ride ok, it was a long one. The main characters are children and it centres around a single winter's night when they sneak out of the house. I liked the deadpan tone and the unexpected humour in a pretty dark situation. I really enjoyed the fantastical aspects. I'm really enjoying this new author overall. Feb 24, Marcie rated it liked it.

Pretty good for a short story; kinda sad with a bit of a creepy factor. May 27, Ann rated it it was amazing.

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Hide and Seek - Creepypasta

I downloaded this book and read it in 30 minutes or so. It was a great, short story. I plan to read a novel by this author very soon; Sickroom. Dec 20, London Mabel rated it it was amazing Shelves: f-short-stories , fiction , 1ebook , 2own-fiction. This short story is literary fiction, so it's a bit mysterious, not something that will be spoon-fed to you. Jul 26, Wendy rated it really liked it.

A ghost, alternate personality, or "lost", unwanted and uncared for This novella was a little confusing, a little disturbing and a lot sad.

Feb 06, Teneal rated it did not like it. This was a short story about a girl with cancer who plays a game of hide and seek in the snow with her best friend and some other kids. I felt the story really had no point?


I didn't really get it and did not enjoy reading it. Jan 07, Rosalind rated it liked it. Ok for a free short story.


Dec 27, Roxie Gallinger added it. Rachel Filipovic rated it it was amazing Dec 22, Elizabeth Read rated it really liked it Feb 14, Sarah-Jane rated it really liked it Jul 28, Shauna rated it liked it Jan 12, Daliy rated it liked it Oct 02, Mary rated it it was ok Jan 03, Lisa rated it liked it Jul 01, Tiffany rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Already signed up?

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Read this fun short story to get all the details of the game. Have a grown-up hide stuffed animals while you count. The neighbors? I… I have a restraining order against him. Make sure all windows are latched as well. Can you do that for me? Jenn shuddered as the memories flooded back. It was all over the news. Jenn waited for her to finish and heard silence.

Are you there?

// Hide and Seek //

She jumped hard at the sound of a loud knock at the door. Just stay inside and try to keep a cool head. Jenn locked the door behind her again and paced the floor, wringing her hands, peering out the window, and re-checking every potential hiding spot. As she crawled out from under the dining room table, she suddenly noticed motion on the second floor of the house next door.

Her breathing stopped. They were supposed to be away for the weekend. A light in the attic flicked on, and the curtains swayed. Jenn walked right up to her window, close enough for her nose to touch the glass, when the light suddenly flicked off again.

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Jenn yanked the curtains closed, feeling exposed. She ran through the house, checking the locks again, roughly pulling all the curtains closed. She reached the glass door in the kitchen and came face-to-face with her neighbor Todd, screaming loudly enough to make him jump.

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What happened? Jenn cracked the door open, the chain lock still in place. And why are you in town? He gripped a pair of shears in his left hand. Todd followed her eyes down to see what had stopped her so abruptly. Her mind was racing. The phone line was down, Todd had appeared out of nowhere, the shears, the phone, the kids, the shears. Why would Todd want her children? Was he trying to get her alone? His wife was out of town, and he was always flirting just a bit too much.

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She found the gun just as she heard glass shattering downstairs. She silently loaded and cocked it.