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Hasbro , Darth Maul Figure - Free Price Guide & Review

North America. No, I don't think price is based on legitimacy. I never have. So the field of autographs is tough and though collectors are still paying, some are realizing now, that this is a problem and no longer are they willing to spend frivolous amounts of money on a signature that won't retain it's value or is of questionable nature. I see it happening. Though a hit from the beginning, autographs didn't become abundant there were some collectors, but not one fraction of what there is now until the hint that Mr.

Ewan McGregor Jake Lloyd Liam Neeson 8x10 autographed Photo signed Picture COA

Lucas was actually filming the prequels. This was about and about the time I started collecting. Why, I wonder did I start? Well, there were many reasons, but as I think now, media coverage about the prequels was starting. My sons and I had new renewed interest in the old films which were classic and brilliant and so imaginative. Fond memories came back of us seeing the films in when the boys were small and I looked on the internet, something that was new to me, about something Star Wars.

I forget what I was looking for, but I stumbled upon some sites I think there were only two autograph sites back then and I gained interest. At that time, looking for something special for my son, the autograph idea came to being and I wrote to a couple people and next thing you know, a collection began. At this time, other people started collecting and new sites including my own came to being.

Flooded with emails from people of all ages, I realized the extent to which people loved this. More people started collecting, new sites popped up and more collectors came to into being. It snowballed into to what it is today. Why did we all continue to collect? Because Lucasfilm was making more films and because, there are abundant resources available to help people collect. But now, like all good things, Star Wars and collecting is coming so a slow end. When will this all end? I think I can give you a date. Speculative on my part. But let's just say "soon". Oh sure, there will be those who go to their deaths with their collections; but most will bail.

I am seeing it now. With the emergence of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which to me matches almost the reign of Star Wars , I am seeing a sharp turn away from Star Wars and a turn to other areas of collecting. That's what pop culture is: it pops in and out of fashion. It lasts until the next big thing comes along.

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People will talk about it a little, maybe a couple months, and it will then no longer retain the pedestal position. It's already slipping and has been since people saw The Phantom Menace. Not just the fans, but the critics agree. Look at the award nominations from till now. A sharp, steady decline is evident. See my Awards page as proof.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - I HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS - TripleJump Live

The prequels are no longer in the same format we came to love; die hard advocates of Mr. Lucas and his creations are now questioning whether if he knows what the fans truly want. Immersed in Special Effects and technology, the old serial effect, the grounding stories, sub plots and old fashioned romance with unmasked villains are long gone. We prefer the cheesier version to the hi-tech one? Yep, the substance wasn't buried under 3D fiction. We didn't have to search for it behind lush scenery. Though visually appealing, people have minds and the mind needs to be stirred as much as the senses.

We want to wonder and not have it laid out for us. Regardless of whether you love the prequels or agree with that statement, you undoubtedly have realized that Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones is NOT on your top films. For those from the previous generation, it's a sure bet Star Wars or Empire Strikes Back is at the top of the list.

It has retainability not from sentiment but substance.

30. Boba Fett (’79) – $2,000

To put it into terms everyone can agree with, a newer filmmaker, newer technology and newer ideas will always come along, and replace your favorite films. So yes, Star Wars will indeed be at an end and soon. So, if Star Wars comes to an end, what does it mean for your collection?